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EMSOU wins national Cyber Team of the Year!

At this year’s National Cyber Awards, our Cyber Protect team here in the East Midlands claimed the top spot as Cyber Team of the Year.

The team – made up of PS Nick Stenner and police staff members Shevani Raichura, Chris Wilson, John Hammond and Nicky Lucchi – produce a dedicated website featuring the latest advice, create crime prevention videos and run regular webinars. They work with schools and businesses and, this year assisted women’s charities in cyber training and engaged students at various freshers’ fairs in the region.

DCI Mike Parsons said: "I am incredibly proud of the team and everything they have achieved over the last year.

"They have made a massive impact in terms of protecting communities in the East Midlands, as well as nationally due to the high level of innovative work they complete.

"Having seen the high calibre of all the nominees from across the award categories it provides me with real enthusiasm for how bright and talented the future of UK Cyber is."

A massive congratulations goes to the team for all of their dedication, creativity and hard work in protecting our communities from crime.


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