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Gang jailed for ATM raids causing £1m+ in damage and losses

A criminal gang, centred in the East Midlands, has been jailed for committing more than £1 million-worth of damage and theft against cash machines across the UK.

An investigation, led by the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU), in collaboration with Police Scotland, revealed that, since March 2021, 17 attacks were committed by the group against ATMs across England, Wales and Scotland, with more than £600,000 in cash stolen and vehicle theft and building damage at a cost upwards of £1 million.

The gang was found to be using two methods of attack, depending upon the type of automated teller. If it was standalone, they would use a stolen van and straps to rip it from the ground. They would then steal the contents and make off in a stolen high-powered vehicle bearing false registration plates.

For those machines situated in a building, the gang would use a power tools or vehicles to smash through doors, then used a drill and other tools to access the contents of the ATM. Again, they would flee with the cash in a stolen car on false plates.


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