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Sixty-seven years in jail for Corby drug gang

A gang of men have been sentence to 67 years and three months imprisonment after an investigation into a Class A drugs conspiracy. 

From November 2019 to February 2021, Eleven men all played their part in the criminal enterprise.

The head of the gang, taking receipt of substantial amounts of cocaine from suppliers often via one of his ‘employees’ who would act as couriers and then distribute them on through his dealers.

During the 15-month period, the gang leader used eight phone numbers to control the operation and took delivery of up to 15 kilos of cocaine.

However, the police were onto the gang and an investigation into the conspiracy of drugs was launched, which led to a vehicle being stopped on the M6 motorway in Staffordshire in July 2020 and two kilos of cocaine with a street value of approximately £160,000 recovered.

During the investigation, transactions worth hundreds of thousands of pounds were made to purchase the drugs and following a painstaking review of all the evidence, all 11 men were charged with various offences.

The defendants appeared at various crown courts within Northampton, Liverpool and London as sentences and pleas were taken during the whole criminal justice process.

This resulted in 67 years and 3 months imprisonment in total for the 11 men. 

Detective Sergeant Remo Fiorini from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit said: “This was a complex investigation involving the meticulous collection and review of hundreds of pieces of evidence.

“I hope they all reflect on the choices they have made which led to these convictions and that they decide to redirect their efforts into something more positive when released from prison.

“Finally, I would like to thank my colleague Hazel Score for her work on this case. With her excellent case preparation and diligent investigation, this resulted in early guilty pleas and managed to secure 67 years of jail time.”

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