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Practising religion made easier at EMSOU

Three Multi-Faith Rooms have recently opened at EMSOU to enable staff to take part in religious practises and to have some quiet time to reflect.

Our aim is to drive inclusivity and to encourage officers, staff and visitors to feel comfortable discussing and practising their religion or belief.

“At EMSOU we are always looking for opportunities to increase inclusion and diversity in the workplace. I hope the opening of these rooms will also open up the conversation around religion and faith, which we encourage in a safe inclusive environment.”

The rooms are fully equipped with resources to practise different religions, including wash facilities.

Digital Forensics & Forensic Imaging Manager Valeed Ahmed added: “For some, religion is a big part of their lives and it’s not always possible to leave the workplace to practise faith.

“Having these comfortable and peaceful bespoke spaces will be a useful and inclusive addition to our workplace.”

These rooms are available to all for prayer, or as a calm and quiet place for spiritual wellbeing, meditation and reflection.


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