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Investigation brought down an organised drugs ring of 11 people - Lincolnshire

Taking drugs off the streets isn’t always about finding that one big haul of drugs, a drugs factory, or a so-called 'king-pin' leading the operation.

It's about relentless, dogged policing over months, building a case-load of evidence of conspiracy and a creating a catalogue of information about the activity of the criminals involved.

After a long and complex investigation EMSOU have brought down an organised drug ring of 11 people operating in Lincolnshire.  

This drugs gang was operating between Lincoln and Gainsborough, with Class A cocaine shipped in from Leeds, Leicester and Scunthorpe. The final five of that group have now been sentenced, bringing the total time in prison for all to more than 67 years.

This investigation started as a result of intelligence about suspected drugs activity, which led to a stop of a car on the A15 which was being driven back from Scunthorpe by a 37-year-old. Officers searched his vehicle and found it contained a kilo of cocaine. Detectives working the case were able to show that same journey had been carried out at least eight times.

This Investigation uncovered a number of other names of people believed to be involved. Following arrests, electronic devices were seized and combed through by cyber experts. One mobile phone contained a wealth of information about drug deals and those involved.

The team then began to build a case. Examination of suspects movements and gathering of evidence which linked them to the conspiracy took place. Further digging eventually led our investigators identifying connections between suspects on the electronic devices and their physical whereabouts. 

The drugs were sold both in Lincoln and Gainsborough between June 2019 and February 2020.  

The sentencings of the final five men were delayed due to legal challenges during the court process, but the five men all pleaded guilty before trial and were sentenced on Wednesday 29 May 2024 at Lincoln Crown court. 

A further six people had already been sentenced in August 2023 and October 2023 for their involvement. 

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