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Internship opportunities available at EMSOU

A number of exciting undergraduate internships are available at EMSOU for the academic year 2023/24.

Eleven Year in Industry (YII) placements are on offer for a duration of 10 months, and ideal for students looking to gain experience in a workplace alongside their studies.

Working at EMSOU, you will be helping to target some of the most serious, organised and violent criminals in the region.

Our expertise and specialist capabilities are drawn upon by the five police forces of the East Midlands to tackle people, drugs and firearms trafficking, cyber crime, fraud and money laundering, prison corruption, murder and other serious assaults and violent extremism.

We are looking for people with an inquisitive mind-set, a positive attitude to problem solving and learning new skills, and the ability to apply new knowledge and experience across a range of challenges.

Placements are available in the following areas:

  • Communications – ideal for someone studying Journalism, Media Studies, Marketing, Communications, English, Creative Writing

  • Cyber Crime (Investigations and Protect) – ideal for someone studying Criminology, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Psychology

  • Cyber Crime (Online) – ideal for someone studying Criminology, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Psychology

  • Data Science – ideal for someone studying Mathematics, Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics

  • Digital Forensics ­– ideal for someone studying Digital Forensics, Computer Science, Sciences

  • Finance – ideal for someone studying Accounting, Finance, Business Management)

  • Forensic Imaging – ideal for someone studying Forensic Sciences, Crime Scene Investigation, Photography, Digital Media, Computer Graphics

  • Human Resources – ideal for someone studying Business Studies, Business Management, Human Resources Management

  • Radio Frequency Propagation – ideal for someone studying Radio Frequency Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Forensic Sciences

  • Research and Development (Information Technology and Cyber Security) – ideal for someone studying Computer Science, Cyber Security

  • Research and Development (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing) – ideal for someone studying Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing.

Speaking about her time, a current intern said: "Working at EMSOU is really interesting. It's very different to other jobs because you do get to work on things and hear about things that a lot of people don't.

"Everyone is friendly and welcoming, supportive and helpful, but at the same time they do give you lots of independence. You are trusted to work on projects and come up with your own ideas.

"Time is also made for personal development which I think is really important. I've had access to some really interesting internal events to learn more about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

"I'd not heard of the organisation before I applied for my internship, but knowing what I do now I'd really encourage people to apply. I've gained a real insight into the world of work, it's a nice change to the university setting, and really good to be able to put the theories and teachings from lectures into practise."

If you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity like this, find out more and apply, here.


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