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High Peak man sentenced after posting extreme racist messages online

A High Peak man who posted extreme racists messages on an online forum has been sentenced.

The man came to the attention of officers from the Counter Terrorism Policing East Midlands (CTPEM), after intelligence about his online activity was passed to them.

Enquiries by officers uncovered large number of posts made by a username linked to the 40-year-old.

The posts called for the extermination of Jewish people, joked about killing members of the LGBTQI community and promoting Adolf Hitler.

Following his arrest in February 2022 at his home in Highfield Road, Glossop, officers uncovered more evidence of his Extreme Right-Wing views.

His house was adorned with Nazi flags and fridge magnets, fascist and racist manifestos and books, and a portrait of Hitler.

Following two no comment interviews, he was charged with five counts of distributing or publishing written material to stir up racial hatred to which he pleaded guilty.

Appearing at Manchester Crown Court on Monday 31 July he was sentenced to three years in jail.

DI Chris Brett from CTPEM, said: “Freedom of speech is an important part of our shared British values – and something that is enshrined in law.

“However, those freedoms are not without limit and it clear that the views this man expressed online stepped well over the line into criminality.

“The posts he wrote are abhorrent – calling directly for violent action to be taken against a number of minority groups.

“Some may say that posting online is different to expressing these views in person but that is absolutely not the case.

“We have seen across the world how online posting of this nature has had serious ‘real world’ outcomes – including, sadly, fatalities.

“In recent years we have seen an increasing number of cases involving people who have been pulled into online hate speech and extremist views and I would urge people who are concerned about family, friends, or colleagues to come forward and report their behaviour.”

If you are concerned about someone you know and their activity you can report through the ACT counter terror website in confidence: Report possible terrorist or extremist activity – Action Counters Terrorism

You can also anonymously contact the independent charity CrimeStoppers, on 0800 555 111, or by visiting the CrimeStoppers website.

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