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Help us stop terrorism, cold, this winter

As temperatures plummet, counter-terrorism police in the East Midlands are working with businesses to keep people safe over the festive period.

With cities, towns and villages across the region full of Christmas shoppers and seasonal revellers, we are asking staff to be our extra eyes and ears in the fight against terrorism.

Detective Chief Inspector Marianne Winn, from Counter Terrorism Policing in the East Midlands, said: “With the festive period comes increased footfall in many towns and cities and we are working closely with the retail, leisure and transport sectors to ensure staff interacting with the public this winter are best prepared and remain vigilant during this busy period.

“While you are out and about this winter, amid the jingling bells and twinkling lights, stay alert and trust your instincts. If something feels out of place, tell security or a police officer. Don’t assume someone else will do it. We know people worry about wasting our time, but you absolutely aren’t. Your actions could save lives.

“Unfortunately, the threat from terrorism remains very real. Attacks can happen anywhere, at any time and in any community. We work around the clock to monitor the situation and disrupt terrorist activity, but public support is vital.

“You know your community, your town,

your streets and your business better than anyone, and you know when something isn’t right.

“Let’s look out for each other as we all enjoy the winter months and report anything of concern.”

The threat to the UK from terrorism remains at substantial, which means an attack is likely.

If you think you might have useful information then report it to

In an emergency, call 999.

If you’re worried about someone you know being drawn into extremism, ACT Early.


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