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Gang leader and associates convicted of Notts drugs and gun offences

A criminal gang leader in Nottinghamshire, who fled overseas after police intercepted four kilos of cocaine and two kilos of heroin on its way from Manchester to Nottingham, was tracked down and convicted.


The now 43-year-old fled to Dover before making his way through France and Spain.


In Marbella, he was shot through the hands and kneecaps and received a serious wound to his face, before eventually being snared by police in Dubai.


Back in the East Midlands, detectives had been busy dismantling his criminal gang, one-by-one.


A number of warrants saw the recovery of a sawn-off shotgun, which helped uncover a major drugs and weapons line between Greater Manchester and Nottinghamshire, two handguns and cocaine, heroin and cannabis.

Ultimately, ten men pleaded guilty to various drugs, gun and money laundering offences.


They will be sentenced at a later date.


Nottinghamshire Assistant Chief Constable Rob Griffin said: “There is no doubt this organised criminal group were responsible for bringing large amounts of cocaine and heroin into Nottingham, as well as firearms and ammunition.


“We had made great strides in Bestwood to rid the area of this type of activity and this gang was intent on bringing it back.


“This expert investigation by EMSOU shows how persistent we are at ensuring those who cause the most harm to our communities and try and make money through crime will be dealt with robustly and their operations shut down."

Click here to read more about the investigation and those convicted.


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