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Donations made to war-torn Ukraine

EMSOU Forensic Services has donated equipment to colleagues affected by the war in Ukraine, in conjunction with the five East Midlands police forces.

UK forces were approached by the Forensic Capability Network for assistance in replenishing forensic equipment, which was lost where buildings have been destroyed in the conflict.

EMSOU’s Drugs Laboratory and FAS Lab have recently been through refurbishments and equipment that predates the collaboration has now been replaced.

Managers took the opportunity - along with Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables from the East Midlands police forces - to identify old equipment which is still in good working order to offer to peers in Ukraine.

This replaced equipment would otherwise be decommissioned and destroyed, as due to its age has very little value.

The kit was collected and delivered to Ukraine’s embassy in London by the Forensic Capability Network.

It will now be transported in the coming weeks to the National University of Internal Affairs in Kharkiv, where it will be used to train the next generation of Ukrainian police officers and forensic investigators.

Five camera stands have been donated, along with lights, filters, Nikon D700 cameras, as well as various glassware, volumetric flasks, beakers and pipettes.

Director of Corporate, Forensic and Technical Services, Andrew Price, said: “We have all seen the devastating news and images coming out of Ukraine dominating the headlines for the past few months, wondering how we can help.

“When we saw the direct impact it was having on our colleagues in forensic services, we jumped at the opportunity to be able to do our bit and help out.

“All of the kit we have donated is surplus, following the upgrades made to our labs, and it would have been disposed of had we not been able to rehome it. I’m extremely grateful to our forces for agreeing to support the donation, rather than just scrapping the kit completely.

“The Embassy makes one trip to Ukraine a month with a van full of supplies, and it fills me with pride that the next trip will include kit to help the team re-find their feet and help find some sense of normality.”

FCN’s Jo Morrissey, who helped orchestrate the donation, said: “Thank you to the forces which generously donated equipment – it will have a significant, positive impact on training for Ukraine. We’re still looking for future donations, particularly camera equipment and laboratory equipment, so please get in touch if your organisation can help.”

Organisations which would like to make further donations, can do so by contacting the FCN directly.


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