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130 years' jail for violent Notts gun gang

Three men, sentenced for their parts in ‘tit-for-tat’ shootings in Nottingham, have joined their associates in jail.

A jury heard how a shooting at a car in Radford, in August 2018 was reciprocated with a revenge shooting nearby weeks later. Thankfully, while causing minor damage, both shots missed their targets.

The incidents formed part of a complex EMSOU investigation into the supply, distribution and management of firearms relating to a gang grounded in the St Ann’s area of the city.

Members of the gang were feuding with several rival gangs from across the city. One of these rival gangs operated from the Radford area and the tension between them led to a string of vicious incidents involving guns and knives.

In April 2019, four people were jailed for their involvement in the second ‘revenge’ shooting. In November 2019 three others were jailed for a further foiled plot that happened on March 2019.

With reporting restrictions lifted, it can now be reported that, in May, following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court, two others were jailed for assisting those who carried out the revenge shooting, as well as for their involvement in the March 2019 thwarted plot.

A third man was also jailed for his part in the latter incident.

Delivering the sentencings, the judge said the revenge shooting had been a 'terrifying incident that created a real risk of injury or worse'. He added that the foiled plot – in which all three defendants armed themselves with knives, a truncheon and a loaded pistol and went looking for rival gang members in a van – was equally disturbing.

“You drove around looking for people. It was just luck that you missed them. I have no doubt that had you found them, these people would have been attacked by your group, wearing balaclavas and using these weapons," he added.

“What you have been convicted of is incredibly serious.”

Following the sentencings, Detective Inspector Mark Adas said: “This was a complex investigation undertaken by a large regional team into a tit-for-tat gang rivalry that culminated in the use of guns on Nottinghamshire’s streets.

“It was only a matter of time before a bullet was going to make contact with a person – intended target or not – and no doubt result in very serious harm or even death. With support from the force, we have been able to root out those responsible and remove them and their deadly weapons from society.

“Organised criminal gangs should be under no doubt that the police possess significant specialist investigative capabilities and will use them to break up their activities and keep our communities safe.”

If you have any information about those involved in gun crime, or know where weapons are being stored, please contact police on 101, Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or dial 999 in an emergency.


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